A subtly understated classic off-white  outfit put together in 4 stitched statement pieces in classic silhouettes  for the modern minimalist.
A self-embroidered Waist Coat in raw silk supporting a hand-woven ban collar for Rs.20,000
The self-embroidered Kurta with vintage Chikkan kari for Rs.15,000
Complimenting white pure Karandi trousers for Rs.3,500
Pure Karandi Shawl with masterful Marori work to evoke a royal old-world charm for Rs.20,000
* Self Embroidered Rawsilk
* Hand wooven Ban

Kurta Rs.15,000
* self embroidered Chickan kari kurta

Trousers Rs.3,500
* Pure Karandi

Shawl Rs.20,000
* Pure Karandi with Hand Marori work embroidery

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